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You Were Not Built With Parts That Don’t Matter

You can try to chop yourself up, force a square peg into a round hole. But it will be messy and clunky. You can clench your fists and pretend you’re a circle, if you wish, scraping your edges round and raw. For me, however, living this way was miserable and excruciatingly painful.

Winter Was The Perfect Beginning

We had arrived early in the morning and not slept until well after sunrise. But when I finally got a nights sleep and awoke the next morning, it was as if I had been catapulted into the next dimension. 

Stop Telling People to Follow Their Passion

When we try to find our passion, without the roadmap of curiosity, we are looking for a living, moving, breathing and all-powerful thing. But without curiosity breathing life into our passion, it evades us. We cannot see it, because it is not doing what passion does. It is not yet moving things around, shining brightly, creating, singing, shouting, or dancing. It has not yet uttered its first sound or made its first move.

The Day The End Began

I had goosebumps everywhere, even my face. But not the happy kind. These were eerie goosebumps — ones that make you want to run to your bed and hide under the covers. It was as if we were all waiting to find out if the world was going to end.

Buried Ghosts | An Elegy

I know they wrapped you up in all your high school portraits and told the story of your old life, but I remember you. I remember you as you were. 

Drama, Drama, Drama

Have you ever had that friend who always has some sort of drama going on? There’s always some life or death problem to be solved and you cannot spend any time with them without it being hijacked by a perceived emergency? 


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Destructive Criticism | Arguing With Your Haters Online is a Waste of Time Holly Kellums Podcast

Successful people do not waste their time arguing with naysayers — arguing with destructive people is not constructive.
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Honoring Hope and Human Potential

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